Takoon Wing V2 - 2023

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brand new 5 meter Takoon Wing V2. Grab a bargain while Stock lasts.

About the Wing

Freeride, surf, downwind, freestyle and race: the Wing V2 can do it all! Still just as compact, accessible and efficient, it will bring impeccable sailing comfort, whatever the day's conditions and suitable for beginners or  more experienced riders.

Stability and power: it is optimized to offer you a nice balance in the neutral position and an effective depower when necessary.

Flexible handles: light and offer the rigidity necessary to handle your Wing well in all positions. Allowing you to easily pass manoeuvres while providing maximum control and comfort in gusts. With these long handles optimized for the stability of the Wing, you will be able to adjust the position of your hands to obtain more or less power in navigation while keeping a precise heading.

The surf handle: is located in the axis of the central strut to offer you an extremely stable free-fly.

Whats included

* 5m Takoon Wing V2

* Bag

* Safety leash

wing wind range

*Noeuds = knots