Full Kitesurfing Course

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Full Kitesurfing Course

The real deal 'Zero to Hero' full course! The Flagship of all Kite courses. This is our full IKO course that is aimed to get you safely on the water and up and riding independently.

This course includes everything from our Taster course ((Safety, wind window, powerzone, launching & landing kites, etc.), but now we’re taking it to the water

  • Handling and relauching the kite in the water
  • Lots and lots of fun body dragging, where we use the kite to pull us through the water
  • Upwind body dragging
  • Introduction of the board
  • Water start and getting up on the board

Beach & (shallow) Water based

Minimum age 12 years

2 persons / 1 instructor

To Bring: proper shoes/ wellies. Warm clothing/ hats, rain gear (if needed) & Wetsuits

Kites and Safety Equipment provided

We provide a minimum of 12 hrs for this course (or as long as it takes, as with anything in Ireland, progress can be very much weather depending ;)


Rate: €40 per hour

Please contact us directly for availability